Motorcycle / Vehicle license plate registration transfer

Motorcycle / Vehicle license plate registration transfer

Necessary Documentations

  • * Private Persons: R.O.C.-I.D. cards (originals) of both the buyer and the seller.
    * Company/Corporation: Company registration certificate (photocopy), commercial license registration (issued by the MOEA expiration date beyond November 2001) or commercial business registration (either approval certification for establishment, or alternation certificate - photocopy).
    * Sole Proprietorship: Company registration certificate (photocopy), or approval certification (issued by the county government for alternation -
  • Seal/chop/stamp from both sides.
  • Vehicle license (original).
  • The original "new license plate registration form" (exempted for motorcycles).
  • Motor compulsory insurance certificate (from new owner of relevant vehicle or motorcycle)-(validity no less than 30 days).
  • For motorcycles of over 5 years and vehicles of over 10 years, must pass relevant inspection, before transactions

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