New license plate registration for motorcycles

New license plate registration for motorcycles

Necessary Documentations
  • * Private Person: R.O.C.-I.D. card (original) or valid driver's license.
    * Company/Corporation: Company registration certificate (photocopy), commercial license registration (issued by the MOEA expiration date beyond November 2001) or commercial business registration (either approval certification for establishment, or alternation certificate - photocopy).
    * Sole Proprietorship: Company registration certificate (photocopy), or approval certification (issued by the county government, either for establishment or for alternation - photocopy).
  • Customs import certificate (imported cars), manufacture certificate, cargo tax payment certificate, or tax exempt certificate.
  • Supplier's invoice (clearly stating engine number).
  • Seal/chop/stamp.
  • New license plate registration for motorcycles (having passed relevant inspection).
  • Motorcycle compulsory insurance certificate.
  • For those who already settled all matters of license plate cancellation, should turn in the original license plate
    registration and cancellation form (those already settled motorcycle lost cancellation, when registering anew
    must return the original registration plate).
  • Applicant substitute's documentations (either I.D. card or driver's license).

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