Application for temporary license plate

Application for temporary license plate

Necessary Documentations

  • * Private Person: R.O.C.-I.D. card (original).
    * Company/Corporation: Company registration certificate (photocopy), commercial license registration (issued by the MOEA expiration date beyond November 2001) or commercial business registration (either approval certification for establishment, or alternation certificate - photocopy).
    * Sole Proprietorship: Company registration certificate (photocopy), or approval certification (issued by the county government for alternation - photocopy).
  • Seal/chop/stamp.
  • Customs import certificate (imported cars), manufacture certificate, cargo tax payment certificate, or tax exempt certificate.
  • Supplier's invoice (exempted are applications from car distributors).
  • Temporary license plate registration form.
  • Motor compulsory insurance certificate .
  • All those who already finished matter of lost cancellation or hand in for cancellation, please attach the original license plate registration and cancellation registration forms.

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