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Domestic License Application ( from Foreign Driver's License)

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Domestic License Application (from Foreign Driver's License)

Foreign driver's license exchange for R.O.C. driver's license (allowed only for citizens of reciprocating countries)

Please refer to “Current International Regulations Regarding The Validity and Transferability of Taiwan’s International Driver’s Permit and/or Taiwan’s Domestic Driver’s License”

Necessary Documentations

  1. A.R.C. (permitted for stay of more than 12 months for Hong, Macau /Mainland resident and 6 months for other countries) or original. R.O.C.-I.D.
  2. Foreign driver's license (original)
  3. Passport (if original passport already hand in, then should attach other relevant certifications, exp.: embarkation and debarkation forms which are in matching correspondence with passport issuing date and validity)
  4. Chinese translation (one copy - certified by local notary public)
  5. One recent 1-inch bust front view photo, bareheaded, on glossy paper (identical to driver's license format)
  6. One copy of regular driver's license registration form (attach physical ability examination certificate, validity one year)
  7. Verification/inspection: driver's licenses issued by the P.R.O.C. should be verified/inspected by various agencies (set up or designated by the Executive Yuan), or by other out-sourced public groups. Driver's licenses issued by other Countries should be verified/inspected by relevant R.O.C. embassies, consulates, or other agencies possessing "letters of proxy" from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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