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Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office Organization

The following explains The Hsinchu Motor Vehicle offices includes: six sections (Vehicle Management Section, Driver Management Section, Transportation Management Section, Planning and Vehicle Penalty Section, Traffic Safety Section, Motor vehicle Information Section), four offices (Secretariat, Personnel , Accounting, Civil Service Ethics) ,four stations (Hsinchu city station ,Taoyuan station,Jhungli station,Miaoli station) .

Our relevant authorized affairs Director:

Overall supervision.

Deputy Director:

Executive supervision.

Vehicle Management Section:

Inspection, licensing and vehicle loan.

Driver Management Section :

Tests, issuing and management of driver's and technician's licenses

Transportation Management Section:

Supervision and management of public/private transportation industries.

Planning and Vehicle Penalty Section:

Fees, charges, taxation, Fines, appeals.

Traffic Safety Section:

Traffic Safety.

Motor vehicle Information Section:

Management of computerized data, S.O.P, maintenance.

Personnel Office:

Human resource affairs.

Accounting and Statistics Office:

Financial records, accounting, tabulation.

Civil Service Ethics Office:

Administrative ethic issues.


Documentation, seals, file keeping, R&T, cashier, general administration , property management, other miscellaneous affairs.

Visitors: 466 Update Date: 108-05-27 Maintenance Unit: Secretariat, Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office
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